It’s a new month and time to check where I am with my start of year goals. They were:

  • complete a romantic novel manuscript and send it to a publisher
  • maintain a 6 month blogging streak
  • maintain a 6 month crafting streak
  • gain tone, flexibility and strength
  • complete all 3 levels of a Rosetta Stone language course
  • grow in my work life, whether through finding a new job or volunteer experience
  • learn to be less reactive when people try to pull me into their dramas

Romantic novel progress

I made a great start by binge reading paranormal romances. I am now writing a novella using a 3 long hand draft + 1 typed draft method. I’m only a few thousand words in. I don’t know if my story will be suitable for a traditional publisher. We’ll just to wait and see.

Blogging streak 

Well I’m still blogging. I’ve always wanted to run an online magazine sort of blog but I think that would require a wholehearted commitment to journalism. I need to give my attention to fiction writing.

Crafting streak

Today I painted my first acrylic canvas. I’m not very good and I think I’m better at modelling. However, clay modelling can be an expensive process so I’m glad I’ve started painting.

Gain tone, flexibility and strength

In the last weeks of January I joined in with Veganuary. I’m now 80% plant based and 20% vegetarian. I will eat eggs and will occasionally eat products with small amounts of dairy in them (such as milk chocolate) but I avoid meat, fish, cheese, butter and milk.

I feel more toned and look a lot better. I need to do more exercises.

Rosetta Stone

I haven’t done much language study recently. I did 30 minutes of Latin at the weekend. I need to develop the habit of doing 15 minutes daily.

New work or volunteer experience 

So far it seems as if my new work experience is destined to be preparing a manuscript. Writing is a job after all.

I’ve offered myself as a volunteer copyeditor to various charities without receiving any response. I’ve been feeling very downhearted about it. I believe the lack of a reply is a reflection of how many humanities graduates are chasing work experience.

I think I’ll forget about volunteering for charities and will try the short story magazine market.

Being reactive 

I didn’t do very well with this one. A couple of people made a mistake that required correcting and I worried myself to death about it. Back to the drawing board.

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