FBI fire investigator Hollie Brennan loves Beast, a world famous rock group. She’s unaware that Beast’s members are shapeshifters: wolves, big cats, and a dragon!

When Hollie links a series of arson attacks to Beast’s tour dates she goes undercover to investigate dragon-shapeshifter guitarist Torque.

Enticing the Dragon, by Jane Godman, is a paranormal mystery romance. Part magical whodunnit and part erotic love story, the plot moves forward at a rip roaring pace.

The character of Torque could have been absurd. Try saying “immortal dragon-shapeshifter rockstar” without smirking. But he’s not. In Godman’s hands he’s believable and likeable.

I also liked Hollie, a scientific rationalist who has her world turned around by Torque’s love.

It has to be said that although there’s an old fashioned dragon in the picture, Hollie is far from a damsel in distress.

Enticing the Dragon is playful and creative. Read it for fun and look out for Jane Godman’s other stories about the rock group Beast.

This is the second shapeshifter romance I’ve read. The first being Taming the She-Wolf, also from Mills & Boon. I’m still speculating about the romantic attraction of these part-animal characters.

I wonder if it’s because they offer an idealised view of coupling up: passionate physicality, a committed lifelong bond, a protective but not controlling male, and the chance for the female to be fierce and fanged too. In shapeshifter relationships it seems there are no compromises. They provide safety without restrictions.

What do you think? Which supernatural species most appeal to you in romantic fiction?

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