Tor Rindle wants to quit his paranormal life and join an accountancy firm. Tired of hiding supernatural events from human Parisians, Tor yearns for normal.

When the daughter of a family of notorious dark witches begs for Tor’s protection he reluctantly agrees.

Little does Tor know that Melissande Jones will change his ideas about normal forever.

This Strange Witchery, by American novelist Michele Hauf, is a colourful and event-packed romance. Hauf deftly combines a supernatural action plot with a story of two people coming together.

In the public imagination this book’s UK publishers, Mills & Boon, are traditionally associated with very soft, fluffy romantic fiction. So I was surprised by the story’s zombie decapitations and dark magic.

This Strange Witchery is part of Mills & Boon’s supernatural line. On the basis of this one book I will certainly read the others.

I must admit I had some prejudices against Mills & Boon because the romances I read 20 years ago promoted the idea that men were the answer to a woman’s problems.

I’m delighted that Mills & Boon have moved with the times. The romance in This Strange Witchery is a partnership of equals.

Have you read anything in Mills & Boon’s supernatural line? Leave a comment and let me know what you think. (But no spoilers!)

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